Thanksgiving Ideas

Happy Monday all! It’s a short work week and I’m ready for the mini break! I wanted to stop in today to share some Thanksgiving crafts from years past if anyone is looking for some inspiration for their tablescapes! Enjoy and I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! 

thanksgiving3 Try using burlap as runners for your table. In the photo below I grabbed some branches in the yard and spray painted them gold.


Add a few gold polka dots on small white pumpkins..instant decor! thanksgiving1Add some candle holders and artificial flowers to a wine box.
dsc_0325A cute and super simple place card idea is printing names on card stock and placing them in pine cones.
photo-2-2Click the photo below to see how to make the Give Thanks banner!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Fall Makeup Eye Look

Hi everyone! I’m here today to share a fun Fall eye look that I recently filmed. Every once in awhile I like to step out of my comfort zone of neutral colors and add a little something different to my look. This eye uses a beautiful olive green color that is subtle enough for anyone to pull off! DSC04172 2Head over to my YouTube channel to check out the video! 

Fall Eye Look


Skin Care Chat

Thank you all so much for the great response on my beauty tip Tuesday posts! I’m so happy so many of you are enjoying them! I have a ton of more tips up my sleeve to share so no worries! If you have been around these parts for awhile you’ll know I am a sucker for skin care.  I love trying new products and of course sharing with you so when I tried some under eye patches and skin serum from AlureVe of course I had to come on here and tell you all about it!  

As soon as the weather starts to change my skin immediately feels it. My once normal skin starts to become super dry so I was excited to try the Day and Night serum. It certainly has the ‘little goes a long way’ quality which I love. Not only can it be used day and night but it is anti-aging which unfortunately for me is a plus. It left my skin feeling extremely smooth and wore beautifully under my makeup.  I had about 5 applications from the sample and noticed my skin felt super soft and smooth!

For another look, here’s a before and after photo my gorgeous blog buddy Mindy from Finding Silver Linings posted. She used the day and night serum for 3 weeks. Look at how much brighter and more even her skin looks!
Skin Care Chat
Something else I was excited to try were the under eye patches. DSC04687 They work at targeting fine lines and wrinkles and help to tighten under eye skin as well as keeping it hydrated and healthy! I definitely wish I had more of these to try. I put them on right before going to bed making sure to apply the serum first and slept with them on. Warning: A late night photo followed by early morning photo are about to burn your eyes! Alureve ProductsBy the next morning, 6:30am to be exact,  I took them off and washed my face.  You can clearly see how they brightened my under eye! I almost wished I had placed them a little higher!Alureve ProductsThe one difference I noticed besides the brightness was how hydrated my under eye was. It made applying my concealer and setting powder a dream since it sat so beautifully on my skin!  I love trying a product and seeing a difference right away like this!  If you want to learn more about AlureVe products or get your hands on it yourself you can click HERE to do that! 

Anyone out there with dark circles as excited as me?
An AlureVe rep supplied me with the samples used in this post. All opinions are 100% my own! 

Halloween Home Decor

I’ve always loved decorating for Fall! Once the cool air hits it’s all pumpkins and acorns and cider galore! This year I decided to mix in some Halloween decor and I’m so happy I did! I am seriously obsessed! What took me so long?? I have always decorated my classroom for Halloween and maybe I have convinced myself you only decorate if you have kids but not anymore! Here are some fun shots starting with the outside! Don’t mind the gagillion leaves everywhere. I was too lazy to remove them for the photos. #lazybloggerfail! 

Halloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleLet’s take a step inside!Halloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2Style
Halloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2Style
Halloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StyleHalloween Decor @ Made2StylePretty soon it’ll be coming down and Fall will make its full debut but for now I’ve managed to sprinkle a few pumpkins in our dining room.Fall Decor @ Made2StyleFall Decor @ Made2StyleFall Decor @ Made2StyleThere’s a very good chance some of those skulls might stick around for awhile! Is it weird that I love them so much?

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Nose Contouring

Beauty Tip Tuesday Banner
Makeup can truly change your appearance. This is not brand new information. Contouring has the ability to create illusions of sculpted cheekbones, smaller foreheads and even a slimmer nose! Today I’m going to share a few tips on how to contour your nose! 

One of the first tips everyone should know when contouring is whether you’re using a cream product or powder product it needs to be cool toned and matte. A shimmery golden bronze color will only look unnatural whereas a matte cool toned product will create the most natural look. 

Let’s take a look at what I’m working with…

How To Contour Your Nose

 Now I’ve got a pretty wide bridge especially closer toward the nostrils. Creating a slimmer bridge works by simply drawing two lines down either side of your nose. The key is blending! Make sure you don’t have any sharp lines! 

I am going to show you a powder way and a cream way. For the powder way I am using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit and I’m using the color Fawn. That is the one in the middle. As you can see it is much cooler than the color to the right of it.How To Contour Your Nose

To apply and blend you can either use a pencil brush or your own finger. I prefer a pencil brush when using powder and my finger when using cream.

How To Contour Your Nose

Starting right under your brow draw your line down on either side and then go up and down and blend. blend, blend.

How To Contour Your NoseMake sure that you don’t make your lines too close together and have a non existing bridge! 

Another product you can use is cream. I find cream lasts longer and can blend beautifully! For cream you can use a dark concealer stick or a cream based contour. If I’m using a cream product I like the use an angled brush to draw my lines. I feel it helps them go on evenly and not too thick!

How To Contour Your Nose

Remember to choose a cool color to blend! Here’s what a warm toned color would look like…How To Contour Your NoseExactly! That would not blend naturally! Look at how orange that already looks, imagine once I blend it!

So back to my original color. I like to use my fingers which will create heat and allow the color to really look seamless as I blend it out. I also use my ring finger since I don’t want to apply too much pressure and end up wiping it all off.How To Contour Your NoseAfter I blend the contour out (are you sick of me saying the word blend yet?) the next step is highlighting the center. This goes for whether you used powder or cream.

Once again I use my finger to lightly apply my highlight down the center of my nose and make sure to get a nice glow right on the tip!
How To Contour Your Nose

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s super easy to do this but practice makes perfect! The more you try it the better you’ll get at it. If you’ve never done it before don’t expect to master it your first time. Just remember to blend it out well enough so that you don’t have harsh lines. Another piece of advice would be to take a before picture. You may not think you’ve made a difference but if you can compare it to what it looked like without the contour you’ll see the illusion you’ve created! How To Contour Your NoseI hope this was helpful to anyone who has been wanting to give it try.  I’ve linked some contour and highlighting products down below that you can try! 

Contour Powder:
Anastasia  Contour
Kat Von D
NYX Contour Palette

Contour Cream:
Graftobian Cream Palette
L.A. Girl Pro Conceal
Smashbox Contour Sticks (Love These!)
Maybelline Fit Me Stick

Benefit Watt’s Up
Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop (Obsessed!)
Hourglass Ambient Lighting

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Curling Lashes

Beauty Tip Tuesday BannerThere are a few tricks you can do to help give your tired eyes/face a little pick me up.  One of the easiest tricks is curling your lashes.  Simply using an eye lash curler can open your eyes and make you appear more awake and alert, especially on a Tuesday after a three day weekend ha! 

A little trick that can help your curl last is heating your eye lash curler.  Just like a curling iron to your hair, a heated lash curler can help the hair on your eyes hold that curl.  Some people like to blast a blow dryer to their curler but that to me takes too much time and it doesn’t really allow me to control the amount of heat to my curler and can result in me burning myself. Instead of having to plug something in I use hot water from the bathroom sink.  Tips to Curling Your Lashes

Not only does it heat up the curler but it gives you a chance to clean it when you wipe the water off. All that is left to do is curl your lashes.

Tips to Curling Your Lashes

I curled the lashes on the left eye with a heated curler and the right eye with a non heated curler.  I then let my eyes sit like that for about 10-15 minutes.  It’s clear which eye held out longer! And look at how more open that eye looks! Tips to Curling Your LashesDo you heat your eyelash curler? Think you’ll try it out? 


Beauty Tip Tuesday: Natural Looking Curls

Beauty Tip Tuesday Banner

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s that time of the week were we talk all things beauty! Today I’m sharing a little tip you can add to your routine when curling your hair. It’ll give your curls a fuller more natural look and it’s literally the easiest thing you never thought to do!

How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2Style

I’ve mentioned in this video how to curl your hair, making sure you start at the root rather than at the bottom of your hair. Today’s tip is about alternating your curls. Ideally, we curl away from our face but in order to create a natural look with your curls as well as more body something you can do is curl away and then curl towards the face.

Starting with the hair framing your face curl the hair away from your face.

How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleThen take the next piece and curl it towards your face.How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleBy alternating you are allowing the curls to look more natural. When you curl them in the same direction they often tend to stick together and create one big curl. This avoids that from happening! Secrets out! Just remember, the hair that is framing your face should be curled away and then alternate after that. When the clamp is in the front you’re curling away. When the clamp is in the back you’re curling towards.How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleThere are sooo many different ways to curl your hair and achieve different looks! This is just one of many and will make a difference the next time you curl! You can also try it with a curling wand for beautiful beachy waves. Give it a try the next time you curl your hair! How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2Style